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Do you want the digital transformation to really be adopted in the workplace?

We teach your organization how digital resources may contribute to smarter work routines. We approach the modern workplace from the way people do their work. This covers everything from online collaboration and communication to time and task management.


Would you like to improve the way people in your organization work together?

We stimulate collaboration by letting people experience the strength of digital resources. Rules of Engagement help make choices and agreements. This encourages new behavioural patterns, causing both personal and team productivity to improve.


Would you like a good ROI on your IT spending?

Our impact is achieved because we teach people new skills during work. IT solutions are adopted quite naturally once people experience what they can do with them. Our point of departure is your people and their work routines; the results are increased productivity and ROI on IT spending. specializes in the adoption of digital resources. To this end we focus on digital skills, collaboration, productivity and work processes.

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De adoptie-paradox

De moderne werkplek wordt ondersteund met slimme devices, handige tools, vele apps en nieuwe toepassingen. Medewerkers verdrinken in alle keuzes en mogelijkheden. En raken teleurgesteld in de belofte van de techniek.

Ze kunnen het eenvoudig niet bijbenen bij gebrek aan tijd, kennis en vaardigheden. Er wordt houvast gevonden in werken zoals ‘gisteren’, de mogelijkheden van ‘vandaag’ blijven onbenut. Niet omdat men het niet wil, maar omdat men niet weet wat er mogelijk is.

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Onze belofte

Een hogere persoonlijke effectiviteit, efficiënt digitaal samenwerken en een hogere opbrengst van uw ICT-investeringen

Onze kijk op rende­ment​ halen uit uw ICT-middelen

De adoptie-paradox

The modern workplace is supported with smart devices, handy tools, many apps and new applications. Employees drown in all choices and possibilities. And are disappointed in the promise of the technique.

They simply cannot keep up with it for lack of time, knowledge and skills. There is guidance in works such as “yesterday”, the possibilities of “today” remain untapped. Not because people don’t want to, but because they don’t know what is possible.

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Our promise

Higher personal effectiveness, efficient digital collaboration and a higher return on your ICT investments

Our view on getting returns from your ICT resources