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Our core


Be yourself and simply do as promised. We believe that straightforward always works in the end. What sets us apart is our targeted, practical and result-focused approach.


We feel personally involved with our clients and each other. We respect our participants’ personal work processes and take these as our point of departure.


We focus on the effective use of resources to achieve the highest possible ROI – for our client, for our participants and for ourselves.

We make change concrete, for everyone!


Our story

Bas van Leur and Bas van Gool founded 1uur.nu. Both have many years of experience with change projects, focused on a more productive culture and supported by the effective use of IT resources.

Bas van Leur: During my career in IT and organizational consulting I increasingly wondered about the complex ways in which people do their work. Our sincere conviction that life could be so much simpler is what made us start 1uur.nu. I especially enjoy the combination of concrete issues and a personal approach. Once people have met us, their work just gets a bit easier. No overblown promises – we just pay personal attention to help people get ahead. My aim is for 1uur.nu to be a partner people enjoy working with. We want our work to add value immediately, helping realize the promise of IT and always with an eye to the challenges facing our clients’ individual employees.

Bas van Gool: It never ceases to surprise me how little the digital resources available are understood by the people who have to work with them. And yet we depend on them for our work. As a result, these digital resources deliver less than they should, while at the same time causing much frustration. I want to contribute to other people’s enjoyment of their work, building a company whose rationale is that we’re needed. Really helping people by supporting them individually and as teams, making their work better and easier. That is what drives me – as well as everyone in our team – to keep moving 1uur.nu forward every day.


Increased digitalization

1uur.nu – the genesis of its vision


1uur.nu founded

Developing concepts, market research


Moving to a new office


The launch of The Digital Productivity Scan


We keep growing

We are now more than 50 professionals!


Microsoft Co-Sell Ready

1uur.nu has received Co-Sell Ready status within the Microsoft One partner program.


The way ahead

The step to internationalization

De adoptie-paradox

The modern workplace is supported with smart devices, handy tools, many apps and new applications. Employees drown in all choices and possibilities. And are disappointed in the promise of the technique.

They simply cannot keep up with it for lack of time, knowledge and skills. There is guidance in works such as “yesterday”, the possibilities of “today” remain untapped. Not because people don’t want to, but because they don’t know what is possible.

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Our promise

Higher personal effectiveness, efficient digital collaboration and a higher return on your ICT investments

Our view on getting returns from your ICT resources