How we can help your organization to be (more) accessible

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Our practical solutions for a more accessible work environment
Our solutions are a great starting point for motivating individuals, teams and organisations to be more engaged with accessibility. Instead of viewing accessibility as a difficult add-on, employees, with and without disabilities, will discover how assistive tech-tools create an equal experience for everyone.
For example, people with visual disabilities may use a screen reader to navigate their computers and mobile devices. But if their co-workers do not insert alt-text to images within their own presentations the screen reader will not be able to help. It is therefore very important that everyone in the organization is aware of the possibilities so everyone can contribute. It requires the entire organization to create an accessible digital work environment.

Therefore we offer various services that can help your organization:

Workshop inclusive meeting 
In this specific workshop, we give tools to make meetings accessible for everyone. We raise awareness of the importance of inclusive meetings and we provide tools; how can Microsoft Teams help during the session, how do you need to prepare your meetings, how do you organize the meeting and how can you check your documents on accessibility. It’s a training for all employees to avoid a mismatch in the communication. 

Accessibility coach 
The accessibility coach focusses on how Microsoft accessibility tools and apps can help in specific tasks or work routines. The coach shows your employees how to get the best out of any assistive tech-tools to support their work, such as magnifiers in Windows, Speech-to-text in OneNote or Live subtitels in Teams. We help employees discover, experience and use accessibility features of Microsoft 365 they didn’t know were there. 

Accessibility training 
During the accessibility training one of our experienced trainers shows your employees how to get the best out of any assistive tech-tools in Microsoft365 suite and Windows to support their work. The difference with the accessibility coach is that this training is classical and for everyone within the company to work more easily, faster and more productive.

Workshop for organizations
We help you to your journey to be an accessible company. We help you in your specific needs to achieve digital collaboration between all employees and to build towards an inclusive employer.

Do you want to know how we can help your organization? Please give us a call on +31 (0) 183 – 512 253 or send us an e-mail to 

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