Easier and better communications

Client: Tata Steel

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The 21,000 employees of Tata Steel Europe produce around 10 million tonnes of steel each year. The factories in IJmuiden (NL) and Port Talbot (UK) are not really a typical environment to start working with Office 365. However, at Tata they took the bold step to become one of the first large-scale enterprises using Office 365 in Europe. By using Office 365 Tata Steel wanted to improve collaboration and deliver easier and better communications between thousands of its employees.


Without communication to the employees, Tata Steel rolled out Office 365. So, the employees had the functionality at their disposal, but used it minimally or not at all. To increase active usage Tata sought help from 1uur.nu. “We have all kinds of situations that can be much more efficient in practice. Help us to find the right tools and functionality within the available technology”.


When an organisation wants to reach such a large group of people, 1uur.nu opts for the ‘oil stain approach’. We select groups per department or division, and we train them intensively.
  • We provided group inspiration sessions on collaboration possibilities of Office 365.
  • We coached employees individually so they experienced the added value of working in the Cloud themselves.
  • We also provided Teams impact training sessions to improve online collaboration and communication.
Then we encourage them to spread what they have learned among their colleagues as use cases. These ambassadors makes the most impact by simply applying and sharing new tips, tricks and practices on a daily basis. Resulting in using the right tool, Microsoft Teams, to collaborate and communicate more efficiently. To top it all off, we set up a functional support desk to help employees daily with their functional questions on Office 365.


Tata Steel has a hugely diverse environment. We trained ‘everything between director and steelworker’. Our pragmatic approach and flexibility ensure that every employee gets the support he or she deserves. Microsoft Teams turned out to be the exact tool they needed. Working together in a collaborative and Cloud based environment gave a huge boost to online collaboration and communication. Information is exchanged more easily, tasks are shared and followed up. Processes on the work floor were reorganized and set up more efficiently with the help of Office 365.

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De adoptie-paradox

The modern workplace is supported with smart devices, handy tools, many apps and new applications. Employees drown in all choices and possibilities. And are disappointed in the promise of the technique.

They simply cannot keep up with it for lack of time, knowledge and skills. There is guidance in works such as “yesterday”, the possibilities of “today” remain untapped. Not because people don’t want to, but because they don’t know what is possible.

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