Digital transformation in practice

Client: Nierstichting

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The situation

After the implementation of Office 365, de Nierstichting wanted to increase the digital skills within its own organization. Not enough use was made of the many possibilities that Office 365 has to offer. As a result, online collaboration did not get off the ground.

The bottleneck

With the help of our digital productivity scan, we were able, to determine exactly where the challenges were.
  • Little online collaboration;
  • Lots of local storage of files and data;
  • Limited insight into the possibilities of Office 365.


The digital productivity scan was used as a starting point, as a 0-measurement. Based on the results of the scan, we gained clear insights into the digital capacities of the employees. We were also able to identify their needs with regard to the use of IT in their daily work. This enabled us to take account of the ambitions of employees and the organization. Our IT Coach then helped employees and introduced the possibilities of the available IT resources. This created the base for new digital processes and routines.


Since then, there have been more use of online communication tools such as skype, more files are being stored (and used) online and various ‘paper processes’ have been digitized. It also provided insight into savings, such as the possibility of phasing out network disks and ‘de-duplicating’ purchased apps, by placing processes in Office 365.

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De adoptie-paradox

The modern workplace is supported with smart devices, handy tools, many apps and new applications. Employees drown in all choices and possibilities. And are disappointed in the promise of the technique.

They simply cannot keep up with it for lack of time, knowledge and skills. There is guidance in works such as “yesterday”, the possibilities of “today” remain untapped. Not because people don’t want to, but because they don’t know what is possible.

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Our promise

Higher personal effectiveness, efficient digital collaboration and a higher return on your ICT investments

Our view on getting returns from your ICT resources