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I want a functional support desk for my organization

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Easy-to-access remote answers

An optimally running ICT helpdesk is an enrichment for every company, but with a functional support desk you go a step further. Not the technical support of the software, but that functional help in using Office 365 supports your employees in their communication and collaboration. Questions about specific functions are answered remotely, but new digital work routines are also discussed. We send short explanations or documentation and on request the experts of the support desk (if in-house) also visit the workplace. We secure knowledge by setting up FAQs.

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De adoptie-paradox

The modern workplace is supported with smart devices, handy tools, many apps and new applications. Employees drown in all choices and possibilities. And are disappointed in the promise of the technique.

They simply cannot keep up with it for lack of time, knowledge and skills. There is guidance in works such as “yesterday”, the possibilities of “today” remain untapped. Not because people don’t want to, but because they don’t know what is possible.

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Our promise

Higher personal effectiveness, efficient digital collaboration and a higher return on your ICT investments

Our view on getting returns from your ICT resources